The 14th International Exhibition On Rubber Technology



KRS will attend the 14th International Exhibition on Rubber Technology in Shanghai on December 2-5, 2014.

RubberTech 2014 was again an excellent platform to present the possibilities of KRAIBURG Rubber Suzhou. The feedback we reveived from customers as well as suppliers was very positive. We had an attractive booth reflecting our corporate design and presented our wide range of high-quality-products and Know-How to the chinese rubber world! Out of the portfolio of KRAIBURG Rubber Suzhou especially compounds based on special polymers like e.g. FKM, AEM, ACM etc. attracted the attention of visitors from automotive as well as industrial rubber part manufacturers.

After 8 years, it's still a welcome pleasure for us, KRAIBURG Rubber Suzhou, to be present on this "Must-to-be"-Event and it’s always nice to meet suppliers, customers and friends from all over the world.

We are taking the good results of this year as a motivation to look forward to next year's RubberTech 2015 in Shanghai, November 11th - 13th. A warm word of thanks goes to our booth staff and concerned parties for their great cooperation and all our visitors we received.