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KRAIBURG Suzhou Union Chairman Honored as the "New Era Pioneer in SIP"



Congratulations to Mr Zhang Jiangfeng, KRAIBURG Rubber Suzhou Union Chairman, on being honored as the "New Era Pioneer in Suzhou Industrial Park"

The election activity of "New Era Pioneer in SIP" in the 2nd quarter of 2021 was organized by the park publicity and United Front Work Department. After publicity, recommendation and application, selection and integration and soliciting opinions, the pioneers list was generated.

Mr. Zhang Jiangfeng, the current Head of Raw Material Warehouse and the Union Chairman of KRAIBURG Rubber (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., joined KRS in August 2006, was elected to be one of the pioneers with outstanding volunteer organization, coordination and influence. 

Since 2018, Mr. Zhang Jiangfeng has organized four volunteer groups to carry out various healthy outdoor activities and voluntary assistance. Among them, Dongsha Lake parent-child morning run has very positive feedback from the surrounding neighbors (81 times since 2021); In addition, for students’ safety, more than 200 voluntary duty tasks at school intersections have been organized since October 2019 (individual volunteer work of over 400 hours); Also Mr. Zhang Jiangfeng has been arranging community residents around Dongsha lake for hiking activities during the weekends. More than 1000 family units have participated up to now starting from August 2020. It is getting more and more popular. The hiking activity not only cultivates the sentiment, but also help the children to overcome difficulties with team spirit. Meanwhile, within KRAIBURG, for the employees’ health, team building and enriching sparetime life, with strong support from Mr. Jacques Swalen, the General Manager, Mr. Zhang Jiangfeng regularly organizes the company's employees for a number of sports.

KRAIBURG always pays attention to employee health and humanized management. With the Union Chairman taking the lead and setting an example, we hope that more KRAIBURG employees participate towards a healthy life and helping others in the future, so as to contribute to the company culture, to SIP and our country.

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