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KRAIWEAR™ - Elastomer Compounds for wearables



Product launching -- KRAIWEAR™, high end FKM compounds brand for wearable applications under KRAIBURG Rubber (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.,

Following the success of the past years, KRAIBURG Suzhou will officially introduce its own brand of wearable compounds: KRAIWEAR™

KRAIWEAR™ can be found in:

- Watch bands

- Smart wearable device wristbands

- Health and fitness trackers

Wearable technology as it’s best
With today’s wearable designs that double up as accessories and gadgets, features like soft touch, scratch resistance, resistance to oils and chemicals, UV resistance and skin-safe contact are becoming standards to achieving consumer satisfaction. Color stability – currently we offer our customers over 300 colors within very tight tolerances – rounds it off.

Eco-friendly compounds
KRAIWEAR™ / KRAIBURG Rubber Suzhou’s compounds are recyclable and approved and certified according to ISO 10993 (Cytotoxicity and Skin Irritation Test).

KRAIWEAR™ is colorful, stable and sustainable, a better wearable materials for you. I WEAR KRAIWEAR!

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