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KRS brought quality choice of colored compounds for wearables.

On January 13-14, 2020, 2020 Smart Wearables Device Asia Pacific summit hosted by Duxes was successfully held in Shenzhen. As one of the presentation sponsors, KRAIBURG Rubber (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. introduced the company's advanced customized colorful rubber compound in wearable devices on the first day of the conference. Since 2015, KRS has developed more than 300 different colors rubber compounds. It provides more choices for wearable device product design and customer needs. In addition, our clean room ensures the quality of products and better wearing experience. We are also proud that in terms of high value compounds recycling, KRS has continuously doing research work and found that it is possible for us to use a relatively high proportion of recycled rubber in the industry so far to produce qualified rubber products based on certain conditions and customer requirement. Our presentation has drawn attention from relevant enterprises.

At the summit, the consulting companies, the investment companies and the manufacturers from all fields of wearable devices shared their knowledge and experience and had interesting discussions on the most concerned topics in the industry, such as the full cycle of health management that wearable devices enable, the medical advantages of wearable technology, the market and marketing of wearable devices in fashion industry, the bionic design of intelligent clothing, the lightweight new materials of wearable devices and product safety.

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