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KRS Ground Breaking Ceremony of Phase II Plant

GM Office


Both our customers and employees will benefit from Phase II plant, especially our R&D, quality and production capacity.

Reasons for expansion:

  • Our customers' demand for special rubber and color rubber products has continued to grow in the past several years.

  • The company plans to introduce new mixer with small capacity to meet the strong market demand for small batch products.

  • The new mixer can significantly improve the technical quality of the products with the help of supporting automation system, enhanced process control system, complete data recording system and advanced downstream equipment.

  • This will improve the capability of our R&D department by expanding the experimental workshop and storage space.

  • The new plant will provide more space for health facilities by 20% (including the changing room and shower room) in order to cope with the increasing number of employees.

We hope that the project will be completed as scheduled in spring 2015 so that all the above can be achieved.

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