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Particle Size Analyzer

Shen Haiyan


New testing equipment - Particle Size Analyzer was put in use.

In October 2018, we invested in 9300-st laser particle size analyzer by BETTER and was installed and officially put into use. The laser particle sizer tests the particle size distribution according to the physical phenomenon that the particles can scatter the laser. The intensity of the scattered light represents the number of particles of the particle diameter. It has the characteristics of wide dynamic test range, fast test speed, good repeatability and authenticity, easy operating, etc. The particle size is one of the important parameters to determine the material performance. Therefore, the laser particle size analyzer can be used to test the particle size of the rubber additives and fillers of KRAIBURG Suzhou. It provides accurate data of the particle size distribution of the product and the results can be directly presented in the form of cumulative frequency chart and table, such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder, kaolin, etc.

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