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Success in ISO 14001 Certificate Renewal

Yu Yu


KRAIBURG Rubber Suzhou renewed ISO 14001 certificate successfully for the second time.

On May 10, 2021, KRAIBURG Rubber (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. ushered in a two-day renewal audit of ISO 14001 environmental management system. Two Senior Auditors from Shanghai NQA Certification Co., Ltd., a third-party institution, audited all areas of our company, including Phase I and II production sites, warehouse, hazardous waste warehouse and environmental protection facilities and so on. On site interviews with employees were also conducted.

Since we obtained the ISO 14001 Certificate in 2016, we have already passed one certificate renewal audit. This is the second time. During years of operations of the environmental management system, we gained deep understanding of the system. We have been improving with outstanding achievements which was affirmed by NQA auditors. They commented that the environmental management system of KRAIBURG Rubber (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. meets all the requirements of the audit standards, and the system is operated effectively. The expert group decided to award KRAIBURG Rubber (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. for the 2nd certificate renewal.

Since its establishment, KRAIBURG Rubber (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the environmental policy of "respecting nature and abiding by laws and regulations; giving priority to prevention, supplemented by governance; green production and protecting the environment". We earnestly implement the environmental management system standards, and support environmental protection, pollution prevention and continuous improvement while continuously and stably providing customers with high-quality products and services. The success in passing the certificate renewal audit once again confirms that KRAIBURG Rubber (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. maintains an international level in environmental management. As always, we set our focus on creating a better working environment for the enterprise and employees, an excellent corporate image for the society and relevant parties and improved product performance and greener products. Also, we’ll work on adjusting the process equipment to realize energy saving and consumption reduction; preventing pollution and protecting the environment; improving the quality of environmental protection; paying attention to health and safety.

In the future, KRAIBURG Rubber (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. will meet the market demand with more advanced, rigorous, efficient and scientific products and technical services, give full play to the guarantee role of the environmental management system, improve the influence of products and brands, and continue to create greater value for customers.

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