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R&D - our strength is your benefits!
Laboratory - Sophisticated equipment & technicians ensure the quality!

About 10 % of our employees work in research & development, process engineering and quality assurance. This guarantees a stable premium-quality, maximum process reliability and particularly a production process which is economical and reproducible. Thousands of formulations and testing data in our database as well as rich experience of our chemists makes the selection of the right compound for your application easy and fast. But not only the recipe is decisive, it is also important to make sure a high-quality level using advanced mixing equipment, processing control and laboratory equipment. Priority Number 1 is to use best quality raw materials from selected suppliers. Via incoming inspection, we also make sure consistency of quality. For this we’re using not only standard techniques like viscosity, melting point, humidity etc., but also modern physical-chemical measurement methods such as TGA (Thermal Gravimetric Analysis).

Clean Room - Rubber compounds can be very clean!

As one of the first Compounding facilities in the world, KRAIBURG Rubber Suzhou has installed a clean room, according to ISO 14644-1 Class 6 (equivalent to US FED STD 209E Class 1000) into its production facility. The clean room contains two fully equipped mixing lines with open mills, batch-off and one open mill compounding line. This enables us to produce compounds under extremely clean conditions that can be used in many High-Tech applications such as:

  • Automotive applications with highest requirements

  • Colors that meet the highest possible standards

  • Electronics applications

Every single compound which is produced in our clean room, is subject to the highest standards of inspection and quality assurance and will be accompanied by an inspection certificate from our laboratory.

We have an advanced traceability system in place, that enables us to track every production step from final compound, backwards to the lot-numbers of each individual raw material batch.

2024 certificates.png

Quality Management - Key for performance & functionality!

The quality of a rubber compound is often decisive for the performance and functionality of the final product. Therefore, high quality levels in the composition of the compound (raw materials and recipe) as well as an optimum compound dispersion (processing) is required. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to offer a total quality system, consisting of:

  • An experienced development and production team, ensuring the latest technology in compound development as well as production technology

  • High and consistent quality of raw materials

  • Strong mistake-proofing system

  • Well controlled and reproducible processing technologies

  • Close cooperation with our customers and suppliers aiming for continuous improvement of quality and economics of our products

Through close monitoring of work flow and process performances, KRAIBURG is committed to improve the performance and effectiveness of the quality management system with the goal to achieve the highest level of product and service quality. Automated production processes and storage of relevant data from each process step, such as raw material testing data, mixing and other processing parameters as well as testing date of final goods make sure a full traceability. Moreover, each batch is tested according to the customer’s specification. Among the standard release tests are rheology, viscosity, hardness, density and tensile strength. 

A well introduced and maintained Quality System according to ISO9001 and IATF16949 is making sure that you can be confident and rely on KRAIBURG.

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