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Automotive Application,汽车应用
Applicaitons in other industries,其他工业应用
Wearables Application,可穿戴应用

Automotive Industry

KRAIBURG compounds are used in many fields in the automotive industry. Windscreen wiper blades, weatherstrips, turbocharger hoses, seals in the engine compartment, exhaust pipe suspensions - a reliable compound is crucial for all car components that must withstand extreme temperatures,wear and must be resistant against chemicals and other media. Renowned car manufacturers are relying  for many years  on KRAIBURG's quality products.

General Industry

KRAIBURG compounds are used for the manufacturing of components used in machine building industries such as road and railway, measuring and control equipment. They are also widely used in the construction sector, the chemical industry, in oil and gas exploration, pneumatics and the aeronautic industry. Other important fields of application are potable water supply and the food processing industry.

The rubber compounds supplied to these markets must meet many different requirements, as their properties determine the performance of the end products.



  • Wire & Cable

  • Environmental technology

  • Sports goods and Toys 


​Consumer Electronics

KRAIBURG compound has become wildly popular with top global brands in consumer electronics industry (including wearable devices). Our FKM compound can be made tailored colors with stable quality. It satisfies the requirements for performance and function, brightness of color and durability. It enhances customer competitiveness dramatically and helps the customer stand out in the market. Our quality rubber compound enables longer fresh looking, more comfortable wearing experience and with better UV, sweat and skin care products resistance.

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