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Rubber Compounds for Leading-edge Products

We offer a wide range of products for all customer demands and processes, fully accelerated compounds ready to use or as a master batch version:

  • black and color compounds

  • endless strips, slabs or granules

  • strained and non-strained compounds

  • flame-retardant compounds


Rubber compounds are semi-finished products and can be regarded as homogenous mixtures of different ingredients that have previously been defined in a specific formulation or “recipe”. These ingredients, or raw materials, can be subdivided into the following categories: polymers, fillers, plasticizers, accelerators, cross-linking agents, antioxidants and many other special products. Only the right composition and a sophisticated mixing process result into optimum properties of the final product.


The experience is spread over a large number of polymer types such as EPDM, SBR, NBR, HNBR, ACM, FKM, AEM, IR, IIR, XIIR CR, CSM, CM, CPE, VMQ, ECO and NR.

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The Color Compounder

KRAIBURG Rubber Suzhou is not only providing black compounds but also compounds in any Color according to your Technical and Color specifications.

Not only Blue,Red,Green… but

  • in any Color

  • in any shade


A high sophisticated system of

  • Color matching

  • Color adjusting

  • Material handling

  • Color measurement

According to international standards we make it possible to achieve high color stability either between batches or from small sample to mass production.

Delivery Forms

Design to suit your processing!

Especially the wide range of possible delivery forms is a more important benefit of KRAIBURG. Whether it is wig-wag sheets, sheets cut to a certain dimension, tear off feeding strips, granules or extruded profiles, endless, cut to length or coiled to a roll - together with you, we will design the best delivery form and packaging for you.

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Certified Compounds
Rubber Compounds Overview
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