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Sustainability & Compliance

KRAIBURG Rubber Suzhou Co., Ltd. as all other subsidiaries of KRAIBURG Holding SE & Co. KG conducts their global business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, avoid violations of the law at all times, commit to act upon the ethical standards and treat others with respect and integrity, according to the principles laid down in this Code of Conduct and in compliance with DIN ISO 9001 and 14001.


Our Actions


In order to become more professional and practical in sustainability, KRAIBURG Rubber Suzhou has started to work with Ecovadis, the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings with a global network of more than 130,000+ rated companies. We recognizes the importance of improving social and environmental impact on employees, customers, suppliers, local communities, and the environment. We have initiated various projects to alleviate the situation of energy shortage and make a positive contribution to the environment and the community.

Solar Roof

solar roof 3.jpg

Yearly Power Saving

401,773 KWH

Insulating Windows

  • 50% better thermal insulation performance; 

  • reduce noise by 30-44dB

Smart Lighting


Yearly Power Saving

7,148 KWH

Machine Upgrading


Yearly Power Saving

279,336 KWH

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